One-on-one (FUN) Instruction

Assessments & Consultations

I provide informal reading assessments for parents who want to better understand their child’s literacy needs. I examine the five components of literacy so that a parent may understand exactly where to begin. The assessment will come with a report, approximately five pages, on the child’s strengths, weaknesses and pinpointing the next steps and recommendations.

I will follow-up with a meeting with parents to discuss the report, its findings and next steps.

Consultations are both for parents who want to engage an eager reader and for those who need to pinpoint a child’s academic challenges. 


Reading Remediation

I provide one-on-one multisensory based and individualized Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction. So what does that mean? That means I will assess your child to make sure he or she masters the exact concepts in literacy that they need to learn in order to start making progress. We will work in a way that works for your child. If that’s sand, salt, jumping/hopscotch, chanting/singing, I will discover what works for your child and help them make progress

Accelerated Readers

I also often work with students who are progressing quickly in reading and writing and need to be challenged outside of the classroom. We will make books, create stories, and find challenging books that are age-appropriate to fill his or her free time.