Who is writing this blog and taking the photos?
Unless otherwise noted, all posts are written by and photos taken by Leighanne Scheuermann.  

Are you paid to promote books?
No. Currently, I am not endorsing anyone or any products. I'm writing to spread information and inspiration by talking about things I care about the most - children, books and teachers. I'll let readers know if this changes! Currently, I only promote books that I love reading in my own home or classroom and want to share. If you would like to promote your book or educational product, please email me at writtenandbound@gmail.com.

Are you a blogger or a teacher?
I'm both! I'm a mom, a blogger and a Reading Specialist. 

What does a Reading Specialist do?
A Reading Specialist works with small groups of students on reading skills. I assess a student's current abilities to pinpoint his or her specific needs so that instruction may be tailored accordingly. I also work with students who are eager readers to help them maintain interest in literature. I often meet with parents, families and teachers together to help all parties focus on the child's goals and learn how to work together to achieve them. You can read more about these services here. 

Do you work with students who have dyslexia and specific reading disabilities? Do you diagnose dyslexia?
Yes, I work with students with dyslexia. I will provide an assessment but I will not provide a formal diagnosis of dyslexia. A formal diagnosis should be provided through a battery of tests by a team of evaluators. However, intervention and recommendations for a struggling student can and should begin as soon as a challenge is identified. I am happy to begin working with students as soon as a challenge is identified and help to walk parents throught the evaluation process. 

What is Teacher Feature?
Teacher Feature is a place to recognize talented teachers. Each educator has his or her own story on how they chose to be in the classroom. Given the wages, the long hours and the many expectations, it isn't a popular career. Teacher Feature is my chance to be the counter-narrative within a society that often paints a negative image of teachers. 

Are Teacher Feature posts just for teachers?
No! Teacher Feature is for parents, caregivers, potential or future educators, children, journalists, policy makers and anyone interested in knowing more about a teacher's life and responsibilities. 

Why do you ask teachers about their clothing?
This question may seem shallow to some but it's an important aspect of education and a complexing issue for some school administrators. In some settings teachers are asked to wear tennis shoes everyday so they can run, other schools require teachers to wear formal attire. The question is intended for teachers and administrators to share what works for them and to learn different approaches. 

Will you interview me for Teacher Feature?
I am always on a quest to get to know teachers and hear their stories. Please email me if you are interested in being interviewed or know of someone you feel should be recognized.