Parent Consultations

A consultation consists of meeting with parents who are interested in better understanding their child’s literacy needs. Consultations are both for parents who want to engage an eager reader and for those who need to pinpoint a child’s academic challenges. 

During in person consultation, I will meet with you and your child to provide an interview and informal reading assessment. The consultation will last about an hour to an hour and a half. This service includes a follow-up conversation and specific recommendations on how to best meet the child’s needs.

During econsults I will answer specific questions and provide general recommendations for your child. I will also provide referrals to specialists and resources. These sessions are between 30-45 minutes and aimed to help you create a roadmap for your child. 

School Administrators

Literacy Curriculum Analysis

A literacy curriculum analysis examines the strengths and weaknesses of a school’s literacy program. This service can be accomplished in a series of meetings with school directors or in two comprehensive meetings.

I will begin by providing a survey for teachers, curriculum specialists and directors. Student performance data will also be examined and a report with suggestions, a budget and a timeline to improve the overall program will be provided.