Ways to get kids involved in Library Month

It's Library Card Sign-up Month! Whether you are a librarian, teacher, parent or caregiver here are some ways that you can get kids involved!

Library Cards

Have your children and students get their library card. Teachers, you can send home the forms and even help your kids fill them out in class. Then ask parents or caregivers to take their children to the library as a fun activity. After all, it's free!

Birthday books

For each child's birthday, donate or dedicate a book to a library. There are many ways to do this without spending a lot of money. Teachers, you can receive book donations from stores, ask parents to donate a book or simply choose a book from the library that reminds you of the child and dedicate it to him or her with a letter in the front of the book.

Interview your librarian

Have the librarian come to your classroom or take your child to the public library and ask him or her interesting questions. What's the longest book they have ever read or shelved? Why did they become a librarian? What do they think about ebooks?

Read a picture book!

Even high school students love a good picture book if it's presented correctly. I remember reading The Velveteen Rabbit for the first time when I was sixteen. Students feel young and venerable again just as they should when reading a good book. Try it! You might be interested to see what you learn from them and about them.

Plan a read-in

Parents, cozy up on the couch or take a book to the park or a blanket in the backyard. Teachers, if you have a free period or a silent reading period, have your students go to the library with comfy chairs and reading pallets to enjoy a book in a cozy environment.

Give swag!

Bookstores and libraries want to help teachers! Call around and ask for swag to give your kids and students. Books of Wonder gave me tons of free totes bags they had left over from an event and some books. I was able to give the totes and books to students at Bronx Arts. It's amazing what providing some materials can do for a child's self-esteem and eagerness.