Meaningful Bunny Books

While Peter Rabbit and Pat the Bunny will always be sweet classics, there are many new options out there today. If you are looking for ways to modernize your child's Easter basket and remind kids about the love of family and the importance of gratitude, check out these interesting and fun books for the season. 

Dear Bunny by Bianca Gomez. A story about friendship, this book is simple and very touching. A girl writes a letter to her bunny explaining what she loves most. This is a great book for parents who appreciate design and illustrations, as Gomez's prints also make beautiful additions to a child's room. I'm thinking of ordering this one or this one


Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo. Bunny enjoys yoga and its positive effects, though his friends are too busy and upset to participate. Bunny begins his yoga anyway and pretty soon all of his friends are participating and feeling happier. The book is a cute story that touches on self-care and mindset, while also teaching children actual yoga poses. 


Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman, Illustrated by Zachariah OHora. In this book, the Bunny family takes in a baby wolf, who is left on their doorstep. Dot, the baby Bunny, is less than pleased with the family's newest member. Another great one for design lovers, OHora's illustrations have appeared in the New York Times and The Atlantic.


Love by Emma Dodd. A baby bunny and her parent experience love all around throughout the day by simply playing and being with one another. A sweet story that will appeal to a wide range of ages with short sentences and beautiful photos. This book is part of a touching series named Love You books. Wish and Forever are two of my favorites. 

Bunny Roo, I Love You by Melissa Marr, Illustrated by Teagan White. With an Anthropologie, vintage feel to its illustrations, this story is a beautiful addition to any nursery. The book shows children in the sweetest way that their caregivers will always comfort them when they need it.

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson. This story is a great lesson for parents and children. Rabbit loves his carrots so much and his greed starts to take a toll on him and his friendships. Through generosity, kindness, and gratitude, Rabbit starts to see the benefits of sharing and looking out for others. 

Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes. A very sweet story about the love of family. The story shows an adventurous bunny who imagines what it would be to be different. He wonders what it would feel like to be green, or tall or to fly like a butterfly and eventually sees that he has so much to enjoy just as himself.

I'll also be checking out Kevin Henkes's new book, Egg. With large sight words and lots of repetition, Egg is great for children to practice early and preliteracy skills. I hope you are able to find something here you enjoy sharing with your family. 

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