Making Children's Books Personal

The other day Vera and I were roaming the library and we found this book! I had no idea there was a "Vera" series out there. Since her name isn't very common, it was so fun to find these books. The story is longer than those she is used to sitting through but we checked it out anyway and we've read it every day this week!

She seems to love hearing her own name in a story. Vera pays close attention throughout and even interacts with the book. She says, "Oh no, Vera! You ok. You ok, Vera," when the little girl falls off of her bike. And at the end of the story she wishes the little girl a, "Night, night."

The best part is that we've been hiding Vera's balance bike that I found on craigslist in the garage. We were just waiting for the right time to give it to her. Maybe we'll put a bow on it for a weekend surprise.

Have you found any books that feature characters with your child's name? Or have you ever used a similar story to engage a student in your classroom? Did they seem to enjoy it more? I'm interested.