Birthday Books

In the beautiful (and unrealistic) Pinterest world, I’m still struggling to figure out what works for me when planning kid’s birthdays. Both of my children have summer birthdays and they are quickly approaching. I love fun party supplies and late-night reading of party-planning blogs but I also appreciate keeping things simple and easy. I'm learning to let my children lead so that the celebration is memorable to them. On the eve of my oldest daughter's second birthday, I was up at 2:00 a.m. cursing Pinterest for putting endless ideas in my head. Two years later, as I'm growing more comfortable and confident in my own parenting decisions, I try to focus on the things that are important and special to me as a parent at each holiday and event. Then we keep the other elements hassle-free.

Here's what we've chosen to focus on. Since we love our nightly storytimes and having lots of books around, my husband and I choose one Little Golden Book that reminds us of our child’s year. We write a little note about their year and what we learned about them or what they love doing at this age. We plan on giving the books to our daughters when they are older so that they may gain a little insight into pieces of their childhood from our perspective. 

Do you have any book-related traditions for holidays or birthdays? I would love to hear about them!