Six Informative (But Not Boring) Election Books

Heather Patterson's  Passing the Bone

Heather Patterson's Passing the Bone

With only one more debate to go and 26 days until election day, it's time to brush up on our presidential history. The election can be confusing for kids and adults too! Who remembers all of the ins and outs of the Electoral College? Luckily we can focus on the excitement and the joy of casting votes in mock elections and ways that small people can make big changes in the world.

These election books are light-hearted, humorous and empowering. Happy reading or should I say, happy voting! How will you be teaching your children and students about the voting process? Voting for dinners, class pets, jobs and chores? I'd love to hear your ideas below!

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Passing the Bone: America’s Next POTUS by Heather Patterson. POTUS means President of the United States, right? Well maybe there’s someone even more important around here. Passing the Bone is a delightful and endearing book about the first pup, and his many roles. While it is written for upper elementary students, my four-year-old loves it. The story line provides a cute spin on a serious topic and appeals to a wide range of age groups.

Election party ideas? It would be fun to vote for a class or family pet with these cute cookies! Photo by  Heather Patterson

Election party ideas? It would be fun to vote for a class or family pet with these cute cookies! Photo by Heather Patterson

Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio. While teaching in an all girls’ school, our staff was searching for books that represented the diversity within our classrooms and this book was a great fit. It is written for upper elementary students and does a great job of explaining the Electoral College.

When Penny Met POTUS by Rachel Ruiz. 'When Penny Met POTUS' is an empowering and funny story about a girl who goes to work with her mom for the day. Penny knows that her mother works for POTUS but isn’t sure who or what POTUS is so she sets out to find it, or him or maybe…her.

Madam President by Lane SmithThis is a fun read and a highly-relatable story for any child. The book tells the story of a child who dreams of how she would execute such power by extending recess and eliminating gross meals. It’s so much fun that it sparked some interesting conversation about how I would use my powers as president. Without question, I would request unlimited iced coffee on tap.


This Little President by Joan Holub'This Little President' is a rhyming board book perfect for tiny hands and chock-full of historical lessons. The book plays on 'This Little Piggie,' and provides short biographies about ten of our nation’s strongest leaders. While a board book, the information within appeals to both older and younger students.

Vote For Me! By Ben Clanton'Vote for me!' Is a light-hearted way to explain the “mud slinging” involved in politics, particularly to younger children. This book is particularly funny for adults during such an interesting political year.