5 tips for moving with kids

Adam and I have moved every two years throughout the eight years of our marriage. We are getting ready to move homes again (this will be move #5) but this time within the same city and with two girls in-tow. So I asked a few friends for some advice and tried to pull together ideas to ease the transition.

Here are a few things that we are doing to help our kids through the change. Any other suggestions? We are ALL ears! 

1. Books - Naturally, as a reading teacher, I started with books. We took a special trip to Barnes and Noble for Home and The Berenstain Bears' Moving Day. We gifted Home to our oldest daughter with a card that has a picture of a house on it. We talked about the difference between a home and a house, which was probably too abstract for her three-year-old brain but important for this mama to explain. We talked about missing her friends but making new ones and being able to walk to the park, which completely won her over. 

2. Role Play - Our oldest child loves to act things out, especially with her dad. He pretends to be the movers and she drives in a box car to the new home.   

3. Pack the lovey - Both of our girls have a lovey or little blanket they like to cuddle. We will pack each at the top of the suitcase for the first night in the house.

4. Give a gift - We learned from a friend that having a new toy or small gift waiting in the house is a fun way to introduce the home. Since we completely missed the boat on giving a dollhouse for Christmas, we (hope!) to finish it up for the move and place it in the new home. (Fingers crossed. Making a dollhouse has been quite an undertaking.)

5. Have a slumber party - We will do our best to set up both girls' rooms so that they are ready for their first night. But if they feel scared or nervous it might be fun to pile on the air mattress, watch a movie and have a slumber party.  

I've had lots of mixed emotions about this move so I can't imagine what a child may be feeling. By writing this post and gathering ideas, it's helped me focus on the fun parts of the move. I'm excited for a new space and a new beginning. Please let me know if you have suggestions or tips!