Enjoy the weekend!

Happy Friday! If anyone is reading this...THANK YOU! Thank you so much for visiting and reading something that I wrote. I've wanted to write for many (far too many) years and finally have the time. That said, I'm not sure that anyone actually is reading this but even if someone sees this page in the next few months or years...thank you!

Here are some links from around the web that you might find interesting:

We are taking the girls here. I'm excited!

Stunningly Beautiful images

Makes you think (Keep up the great work, teachers!)

I had no idea Madewell provided teacher discounts! Here is a full list of clothing discounts.

If there was some kind of publishing world "push" this week then it worked. I hope to start reading this, this and this over the weekend.

Do you know that Barnes and Noble kids club provides birthday treats! See! ;)