A farewell to summer

Texans, who are we kidding? It's still 100 degrees outside! It will feel like summer for a little longer, I am certain. As a new again Texan last fall, I broke out the winter boots far too early. This year, I know better and actually just ordered new white sneakers. The upside to shorter seasons is that you can dress for summer almost year-round. 

In my post labor day slump, I revisited a trip we took to the Ham Peach Orchard this summer. What a sweet family business! The peach ice cream was amazing but the Texas heat got to it before I could! 

Stella was brand new and we were feeling adventurous (read: needed to keep her in the car as long as possible). We will definitely go again next year and baby Stella should be able to enjoy it even more this time. I won't lie. Vera had a moment. New sister? Car ride? Hot day? Give me a lolly and maybe I'll take just one picture. So here you go. Her one picture.