Exploring Dallas: A day at the DMA

In an effort to get to know Dallas better and break the "newborn house-lockdown" cycle we woke up early on Saturday. We headed for Klyde Warren Park and the Dallas Museum of Art. When everyone was finally dressed and fed (which took three hours - please tell me this gets easier) we got into the car and realized we were actually early, seeing as we were all awake at 5:00 a.m. So we made a stop at Village Baking Company for some delicious croissants to kill some time. Now they certainly didn't help my baby weight situation but at the moment they felt worth every calorie. So yummy! 

After breakfast Vera ran around the park before we crossed the street to go to the museum and I checked out the book stands. 

I love reading rooms and the little free libraries that are all over the city! They are such a great way to incorporate literacy and book-sharing into everyday activities. 

When we finally made it to the museum it was time to feed Stella. This is one of the many things I don't yet know how to manage with two kids. Everything seems to take three times as long since they are on different schedules. For the time being, I'm just enjoying the slower pace of life and taking in sweet moments like this one. 

Then we headed to the exhibit, which was totally free! Thank you, Dallas! 


I'd wanted to see it for some time now and it was worth the wait. It was beautiful and so interesting! 

Vera enjoyed the art and we loved listening to her observations. We didn't need to ask her any questions or prompt her because she just had so much to say. Her little mind seems to be on overload these days as she's taking in the world and asking so many questions. She told us that the artist "didn't finish that one," when looking at the all white piece and that the, "colors were lots of circles, around and around!" 

Stella snoozed in the Solly Baby Wrap, which I am loving! I only wish I had one when Vera was young to cruise Brooklyn. Stella is only six weeks old so we are still getting to know her but one thing we have noticed is that she likes to be on the move!  She will immediately start crying if the car stops at a red light and she likes for us to be walking, moving and standing when she's ready to drift to sleep. The Solly helps me do just that and also get a few things done at the same time. Vera doesn't know it yet but I ordered her the dolly wrap for her birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks. 

Finally, we headed home for naps! We hope to come back to the DMA soon and take in the children's area. It looks so fun. I'd say for one of our first Dallas adventures as a family of four, this was a complete success!