Gifts for a tiny musician

Aren't all kids music lovers? It's amazing what they can learn and retain from exploring through the arts. Here are a few gift ideas for the musically inclined.

Kids guitar choose any color and let them play away. 

Happy by Pharrell Williams - this song can make anyone dance even after hearing it far too many times. The books is a fun way to teach children how lyrics are written.

Kids Headphones - If your child is still listening to the Frozen soundtrack three years later (i can relate!) these will help you maintain some sanity.

Schoenhut 37 Key Oak Piano - Not only is this piano stylish and beautiful, it's thoughtfully designed for aspiring musicians. The designers created the width of the keys in a way that will help children learn to play but then easily transition to a larger piano when ready.

A tambourine - What's more fun than strutting your stuff and shaking along to the music?

The best way to give a gift of music is to experience it together. Take your child or baby to a Music Together class.