Explore Dallas: DMA First Tuesdays

In an effort to get to know other transplant parents, I ventured to a meetup group the other day at the DMA for First Tuesdays. This was my second trip to the museum with both kids and we all had a great time. However, I may have lost my ability to parent like an on-the-go New Yorker. Somehow we lost our diaper bag twice, never found any members of the parents group and had to stop in the cafe for snacks (which was perhaps our best mistake - organic salad for me and veggie snacks for kids). 

Dallas felt more like San Francisco or Portland with looming fog and beautiful trees. 

The International Pop exhibit runs through mid-January and I've already had to promise Vera that we will return to walk through it all when we have more time (the case of the missing diaper bag held us up). Our favorite activities were the photo booth (like mother, like daughter) and painting in the art lab. We took no less than about thirty photos with the donut and pretzel props and even managed to snag a photo of all three of us!

We painted soup cans using the dot paints. Just call her Vera Warhol. The dot paints were such a hit that I've already ordered them as stocking stuffers. 

While we were maybe a bit of a mess without Adam's help, we had a great time and will definitely try First Tuesdays again.