Gifts for your Little Engineer

Image from Imagination Playground. These blocks are such a cool concept. We often visit the playground on Tuesdays at Klyde Warren! 

Image from Imagination Playground. These blocks are such a cool concept. We often visit the playground on Tuesdays at Klyde Warren

Who made this shirt, mommy?
Who put these cookies in the bag, daddy?
Ms. Cathy, why is school so big?
Mommy, how is that crane up there?

These are all questions and observations my three-year-old has lately about everything she sees in life. She wants to know where the shirt came from that we bought online. If I bought it online then she wants to know who put it on the computer. When we are driving in the car she's interested in who put the road there and when we are on the highway she needs to know how the overpass was built so high in the sky.

My husband and I could go on and on answering her questions but she's more satisfied when she is creating things on her own. She builds, rebuilds, makes up stories as she goes along and better understands how things are made. If you happen to have a builder and engineer in your home, here are some gifts they might enjoy this holiday season.

Click and Pop Links by Kid-O - The opportunities are endless with this linking toy. Kids can create something that goes any which way while also creating matches or patterns with colors.

Build-It-Yourself - Some philosophies of education and schools allow children to explore woodworking and build with real tools and saws. This kit from Lakeshore Learning helps children get started by building anything their little minds can imagine with the proper tools for tiny hands.


Rosie Revere Engineer is a genuine story of creativity and ambition. Rosie sets out with an vision but through the process doesn't reach her intended goal. While she thinks that her creation is a flop, her Aunt is able to teach Rosie that creating and rebuilding is just part of the whole process.

Magna-Tiles - Magnatiles have magnetic strips on each side allowing young children to explore shapes and older children to better understand complex mathematical concepts, like area and perimeter. This gift is one that will engage children for many years.

Gears! Gears! Gears! This toy allows children to begin understanding motion and simple machines by snapping pieces together and moving gears.

Now get to making, creating, exploring and envisioning, little engineers! Which toys do you find the most engaging for little builders?