What I'm reading this fall

Having a baby seems to provide both more and less time to read. I'm often sitting while nursing or pumping and sometimes reading on my phone at the same time. Staying awake later also allows me to have a book on my bedside table. Both of these options often end with me drowsy and dozing off to sleep.

So I've decided to take full advantage of audio books while in the car and on my phone or iPad. I just recently started using Audible and love it. If I find a rare window to run errands without kids, I can download a new book right away and be almost halfway through it before returning home. While I do desperately miss my subway commute time (words I never thought I would utter), I'm making the most of the car. I'm also a firm beliver in maxing out my library card. 

So here's what I'm reading lately and a few on my list:  

Why Not Me -  I'm reading Mindy Kaling's new book to keep my spirits up and also feel inspried. The girl has truly defied all odds and societal obstacles. She somehow makes the most unrelatable situations (little things like being a star, writer and producer of her own show) feel relatable. I just finished the chapter on her friendship with B.J. Novak. By the end of the chapter, you are routing for them to eventually get together and also wanting to have a drink with her to discuss the relationship. 

The Last Love Song - is on my Thanksgiving to-read list. If you are laughing at my expectation to have a relaxing holiday with children, well then that makes two of us. But a girl can dream, right? I always secretly wanted to cross paths with Joan Didion while living in Manhattan. So while this book received mixed reviews, I'm still intrigued. If for no other reason than to see stylish photos of Didion in her 30s and 40s, it made the list. 

All The Light We Can Not See - Because I mostly read nonfiction and need some variety in my life. Also, a friend can't stop raving about it. Have you read it?

Rising Strong helped me move through obstacles and goals and rumble with my identity. I recently finished this book and feel like I should reread parts of it every single day for inspiration. It's moving!  

Parenting With Love and Logic - I recently attended a parent workshop and have used the framework in a classroom setting so it's beyond time to read the entire book. The premise is that by providing children with ways to practice independence in safe and structured ways you can eliminate the constant power struggle and provide more opportunities to gain confidence. Any child development experts out there? Did I get that right?  

You Are a Badass is on my library hold list! It's been on my mental list for years now. Since I've recently starting putting inspiring quotes as reminders on my phone, I thought this might be a good one to read. 

Brooklyn. I started this book years ago and it was so so good! Beautifully writen, lovely images and a coming of age story (always my favorite). If I remember correctly I started a new job right after I began this book and then just had to put it down. Now the pressure is on because we are going to see the movie for a (rare) date-night! 

Humans Of New York because I figured why not put salt in the wound? Just kidding. But really, Brandon Stanton truly brings people together, doesn't he? I actually found one of my old neighbors when browsing his last book. I imagine I will have a mix of emotions while reading this.  

What's on your holiday reading list? How and when do you find the time to read?