Favorite Children's Book Illustrators

After receiving a positive pregnancy test, my first purchase was Nikki McClure’s pregnancy journal. I knew I wanted to document my thoughts and feelings and I found Embrace while searching on amazon. Now that we are living in Texas, I realize that it was a unique and special time in our lives. And to have my words surrounded by Nikki McClure’s illustrations just seems to somehow capture the nostalgia I feel for Brooklyn and that time when reading it now.

After buying the journal, I was hooked on all Nikki McClure books. She creates her images with an X-acto knife and a single sheet of paper. Amazing, right? The patience she must have. I just can’t get enough. Just recently we checked out All In A Day. I think the message might have had more of an impact on me than Vera.

A day brings hope
and kindness, too
A day is all its own

You can make a wish,
and start again,
you can find your way back home