Books for Baby

Some of my absolute favorite childhood memories include reading with my parents. When I was young my mom read to us all the time. When we entered school she read chapter books at bedtime, reading one chapter a night while we all cuddled in one bed together. When I got older my father would drive around town for hours in order to encourage a love for classics by listening to books on audio. At the time they were actual books on tape. I remember a large box that held the cassettes in the backseat.

So when I was pregnant, I completely romanticized the idea of reading to a cuddly baby. I didn't picture her flapping her arms or crawling off my lap. When Vera became mobile, I quickly learned that my favorite childhood books would have to wait and I went on a search for board books that would hold her attention. So far, our favorites are any book by Karen Katz. Vera and Stella love the repetition, the flip features and the large illustrations of babies. Vera's favorites were Daddy and Me, What Does Baby Say? and Where is Baby's Belly Button? 

What are some of your favorite board books for babies?