I’m Leighanne Scheuermann. While my name has a million letters in it, it has only four syllables. Scheuermann rhymes with Herman and can be spelled to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club song.                                                                                         

I’m a reading and learning specialist in Texas and a mom to two awesome girls. I’m 16 months away from turning 40, but who’s counting? I’m focusing on self-care, which I’ve never done before, and you’ll find my very clumsy ways of finding time and energy to care for myself on my Instagram and Instastories.

Until I was ten years old I lived in the deep country in a small Texas town, with one stoplight and a population of about 1,000 people. It was in this small town that my family instilled a deep love of reading, learning, and curiosity.

My obsession with children’s books didn’t leave me when I left childhood. For my 30th birthday, I stood online at Bank Street Bookstore to meet Judy Blume, while most people were throwing a crazy big party. That’s normal, right?I listen to audiobooks like people binge watch Netflix.

Most importantly, I’m deeply passionate about helping parents feel supported in creating confident learners in their children. I think we need to talk more to one another to get ideas and help our children navigate their school and academic journey. If you have questions and want to hear from other parents about strategies they use, join us in the Written & Bound Facebook Community.

Want to know where to start when helping your child learn how to feel like a confident learner? Start here.

I believe that when reading is frustrating for a child, they can lose confidence in their overall abilities. I want us to do all we can to avoid that by working together. I feel there is a lot of straightforward information out there that parents and teachers should have access to and it often this gets lost in “curriculum maps” and “assessment” jargon.

I received a master’s degree in reading from Teachers College Columbia University, and a master’s in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. I completed my supervised practicum work, a two-year program, at The Dean Hope Center for Educational and Psychological Services at Teachers College Columbia University. Here I assessed students in grades K - 12 to provide a semester-long intervention and study examining each student's needs, progress and further recommendations.  Following my work at The Dean Hope Center, I was a reading specialist at a charter school in the Bronx where I provided reading remediation for students in grades K - 6. I then spent three years as the Reading and Learning Specialist for Marymount School of New York, where I worked with teachers, parents, and students in grades Pre K - 4. I later spent some time as a school administrator for a school serving students with learning differences before starting my private practice. I now work as a part-time learning specialist at a school in Dallas. I am a part-time blogger and community builder here, and a full-time parent attempting to take advantage of every day.

Written and Bound will deliver simple solutions and inspiration on supporting your child’s learning by nurturing them with stories and activities, rather than forcing a structured homework time. 

Thanks for being here! I look forward to hearing about your child and the ways we can help your family grow together.


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